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Criolo Doido rescues format, music, partners and,
even like that, Subirusdoistiozin is new.
On the opposite side of the phonographic market and infringing the impositions of the technological advancements, the rapper from Sao Paulo Criolo Doido, authentic beatnik of Grajaú, plays a another trick on his most recent entitled album Subirusdoistiozin, a 12 inch vinyl launched last December.
There are four new songs (the new version of Grajauex, the unpublished Subirusdoistiozin, beyond the instrumental versions of both lyrics) the work, which is a single of the complete album - predicted to be launched in March, brings a firm and generous production of his partner Daniel Ganjaman and of Marcelo Cabral, besides it legitimizes and brings details of the DJs (and the lovers of the vinyl culture), that uses and believes in the art of the discs.
In the song that represents the album, Criolo, between strong and clear voice, he plays with his voice presenting us his most melodic side. Opposing the lyrics, the trumpet of Marcelo Guizado and the keyboards of Ganjaman bring rhythm to the song with the solo jazz musicians really inspired. It shows that the convergence of instrumental ones, pick up and the rap's inside voice, well worked, can bring excellent results. Detach also for the clever scratches of the DJs Marco and Dan Dan, and for collage of the song White Collar, of Duck Jam and the Hip Hop Nation, at the end of the song.
In Grajauex, the MC retakes the origins changing his rap to a higher position. In the lyric, the correct rhyme, quick and intelligent of Criolo converge into the new beat gained by the song, what guarantees the energy of the disc.
It's easy to listen to it and clearly imagine people with their hands up and singing it all together.
In spite of being a small part of what is really coming next, Subirusdoistiozin is a respected single, with well worked arrangements that presents Criolo Doido more adult and inventive musically. Rap and Brazilian music thank that.
Estúdio El Rocha, 2010

Criolo Doido (voice)
Marcelo Cabral (acoustic bass and production)
Daniel Ganjaman (piano, planning and production)
Guilherme \ "Guizado (trumpet) Marcelo Munari (guitar)
Dj Marco (scratches and collages)
Dj Dan Dan (scratches and collages)